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January 2014


The start, Myawaddy

Myawaddy, our shortest cycling distance of this this trip. 7 kilometres from the border town of Maesot in Thailand and into Myanmar (Burma). The plan was to get up early and ride 73 km to the next town with a guest house that will allow foreigners. We woke before the …


Therm-a-rest fiasco

It could have been grounds for divorce. Sleeping next to someone on a defunct camping mat…..the “f”ing and “b”ing…. The thrashing…. In bed, out of bed….tossing. More “f”ing….. tantrums…are you sure you are ok…’YES!’….thrashing…blowing air in….letting air out. No matter how comfortable your own bed….sleeping next to this……so we took …


Tak to Mae Sot

Standing by the side of the road we polished off 10 bananas between us and contemplated our options. It was still 30 degrees and the sun was a fiery red ball , the tarmac was shining rose pink and a tangle of telephone lines golden like the vines encasing the …


Traveling by bicycle

Have you ever been painfully attracted to someone…..but don’t particularly like them…..blissfully enthralled by their company.? That feeling for me, i can liken to the feeling of hill climbs when on my bicycle. But in between the lust there is the whole journey,….euphoria. A feeling so strong it can be …


Adoption and Chinese Visas

04/01/14 The process of applying for a Chinese visa from our location in Central Asia was going to be difficult. Extreme conditions and the likelihood of closed mountain passes……we took a flight from Almaty…..4000 kilometres more or less south. We are in now in Hong Kong…..the perfect place to secure …