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July 2013



Wild camping for 5 nights our biggest concern is water, not wifi…..hence the limited blog posts.(the written diary is filling up and will post soon). In the mean time I bath in the numerous animal troughs to escape the stink and heat….up to 40 degrees on bike computer. It’s bloody …

Raging nature

We were resorted to pushing our bikes, our luggage, downhill! The damn wind, it terrified me, all over the road, standing still on the verge, trucks sucked us into their air stream. A straight line was impossible. At first we pushed on the incline, then unnerved, wobbling, on the flats, …



We were chased by dogs to the Romanian checkpoint, then with a trouble free wave we were through and onto the ferry. Zimnicea is the border crossing with Bulgaria that is generally used by trucks. There was one truck, one car, 2 foot passengers and us, being 2 bicycles, I …