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Kawkareik to Kinpun

We were bemused and lost as we rolled into Kawkareik. Foreigners are not allowed to camp in Myanmar and instead must stay at foreigner licensed hotels or guest houses. As a cycle tourist this means ensuring there actually is legal accommodation within a day’s cycling distance. Unlike our previous months …


Bamboo bikes

Whether we are in London or the Uzbek desert, or somewhere in between, the bamboo bikes have always stirred attention. (Well maybe not in Azerbaijan where the bamboo was ignored in place of the golden coloured chain which matched the majority of the locals’ smiles.) Is it bamboo? Bambou? Bambus? …


To Tashkent

It’s rained overnight, the second time in Uzbekistan. I was half expecting snow after a day of cold and mist which was not unwelcome adding to the mystery of Samarkand as we sought out ancient ruins rather than the majestic restorations that adorn the city. We will likely get snow …



Our mood has continued to flow like the bleak landscape, rays of sunshine and warmth followed by ice cold gusts and grey drabness. But this is not Uzbekistan. It is cold here…..not so, so cold, and the desert has continued for a thousand kilometres. Not much between our journey, train, …


To cycle or not to cycle?

13/11/13 Our bodies are able…..’ish’…..but our minds….emotions?…..the past few days have been a roller coaster. Never, in what is almost 8 months on the road have either of us contemplated giving up…. Not seriously and not into a whole day, or several days of grief. It is today that these …



We spent 3 days and 3 nights on the ferry to Kazakhstan. Despite being rowing distance from the port for a large part of the final day, we didn’t dock until about 3pm…..and finally we were allowed to disembark and go through passport control as the sun was telling us …