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Myanmar food?

Myanmar food? Exciting ….yes….. unique…… yes…. frightening… Absolutely, yes. Our first meal at a road side stall after we sidestepped rubbish and the odd sickly rat, mangy dogs….the food looked delicious, smelt scrumptious and spicy….and was served into our take away plastic bags…by hand. We survived half expected food poisoning …



Our mood has continued to flow like the bleak landscape, rays of sunshine and warmth followed by ice cold gusts and grey drabness. But this is not Uzbekistan. It is cold here…..not so, so cold, and the desert has continued for a thousand kilometres. Not much between our journey, train, …

Food on the run

Our bodies are no more than machines, misbehaving, high consumption and hopefully to become more manageable with maintenance and care. During the first 3 days on the road the meaning of food changed dramatically. Day one it was difficult to swallow over the taste of emotion. No real sustenance was …