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Dogs and pepper spray?

I can’t get the lid off the pepper spray. Li says its ok! Ok for me to exit the tent! Midnight we are woken by the sound of a motorbike…..headlight… stops directly by the door. I am terrified…..why would anyone approach a lone tent in the middle of the night? …



We were chased by dogs to the Romanian checkpoint, then with a trouble free wave we were through and onto the ferry. Zimnicea is the border crossing with Bulgaria that is generally used by trucks. There was one truck, one car, 2 foot passengers and us, being 2 bicycles, I …


Shops and toilet rolls

Monday 24th June…..Li is sick. 2 days prior on our 1st whole day in Romania we discovered banks, shops and accommodation are all to be far more scarce than in the other rural areas we have travelled through. We had enough cash and food for a few days, also carrying …