Dogs and pepper spray?

I can’t get the lid off the pepper spray. Li says its ok! Ok for me to exit the tent!
Midnight we are woken by the sound of a motorbike…..headlight… stops directly by the door. I am terrified…..why would anyone approach a lone tent in the middle of the night?
A woman’s voice….her.head pops in as I try to pop my head out of the tent. Relived there is a woman, and the farmer we saw at dusk. I climb out into the night and we start a difficult conversation, mostly sign and barking noises…..and in broken English….”have you eaten”…..or maybe…..”you are about to be eaten”.
We gather there is a pack of wild dogs in the area and the people want us to get on the bike and sleep in the village near by. 4 people on the motor bike may be possible, but, us leaving our gear, the bikes is not possible. We can follow them but in the dark packing up will take at least an hour. We decline.. I accept a cigarette, i need it! They explain their mother and children are in the village as if to reassure us. Thanking them we decide to stay put……and Li is still in the tent. Possibly harder for me to move than the gear and the bikes. Dogs are barking in the distance.
No dogs…..8am we are packed and ready for another days adventure…..Almost….Our midnight visitors return with breakfast, cay (black sugary delicious Turkish tea) , fried potato chips, tomatoes, olives, bread and egg. We chat, pull out the phrase book, laughter and time to be on our way. Following them to their village we meet the family, fill up on water, gifts of more food and 4.5 litres of ice, a wave goodbye and onwards into the heat if the day.

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