Czech Republic tomorrow and have past 2000km

We are currently in Passau and the end if our German leg of the journey. Blogs have been spars due to almost nil Internet.
But who needs the Internet when we have live German snakes, dead German snakes and ticks.
I have had the excitement of the live creatures. Li gets the dead variety. Trying to ignore the tick stuck in my arm, pretending to myself I am enjoying a rare shower that will run out of hot water unless I produce another non existent token. I wash and dry off….hate anything with more than four legs….but am now an adventurer so nonchalantly stroll back to tent and request Li extract it…!
And I like snakes. But my body still reacts as if I don’t…. so tries to wrap my feet about my ears as I race across it recoiling just like a spring. The snake….and me simultaneously. Only problem is I now know I can’t raise my feet even as high as the handle bars. Without thinking my feet remain firmly in my shoes, firmly attached to pedals with cleats. I will try and perfect a quick release before reaching an area where snakes are venomous.
There is a lot more to Germany than the wild life and I will put my thoughts down as soon as technology permits. But we are safe, enjoying the sun, another rarity, enjoying the ride, celebrating over 2000 km and further than planned. Tomorrow we take a detour, hopefully to Prague and leave the Danube behind for a time.

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