Canals and camp cooking

After an easy first day back in the saddle, and only 40 km from Paris we arrived sooner than expected at campsite recommended by Claire. To make the journey even more relaxed Max lead the way on my bike to the canal we followed for around 20km so navigation was a breeze…..even the head wind was not really a bother……and Max ride the couple of kilometres with my luggage while I enjoyed feeling lithe on Clare’s new rock rider bicycle minus panniers.
Following pitching tent while snacking and enjoying a gift of wine which is never too heavy to carry we strolled into village to get provisions. Woo hoo, even on an Easter holiday we could get enough to make camp cooking more than a tin of warm lentils. To go with then lentils we ripped up an egg and potato salad discovering boiled eggs are perfect hand warmers.
Mayonnaise and Dijon mustard
Lemon Zest
Very easy quick and slightly more aesthetically pleasing than our foie gras and Nutella which we will continue to try and perfect.


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