People stay with you forever

People stay with you forever, no matter where in the world you are. Whatever the time, the place. I am thinking of Nana Paula now. She made the perfect soft boiled eggs and soldiers. Just the right amount of too much butter. I should be sharing this dish with her now.
Naturally, in Georgia the first dish we should try is khachapuri. Our favourite food blogger raves about them in Food Stories. So we order 1 each, 2 varieties to share.
Soft cheese bread…..doughy cheesy, eggy bread. Doesn’t sound so amazing but we must try……oh my… is so amazing. The second one comes with a soft egg on top. You rip apart the sides and dip it into the egg and glorious dollops of butter…..almost like soldiers.
Two is too much, even for hungry, thinning touring cyclists.
I wash mine down with my first ever glass of Georgian white wine. They have been making the stuff for about 9000 years. Oh my……dry…..tropical scent…..without the coconut!……lingering notes of nut and apricot…! I am going to enjoy Georgia.


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