Not Nana’s Creme Caramel

I almost swore….ok i did swear….but somewhat politely under my breath. My creme caramel arrived with sprinkles! Li noted my face and that I was horrified. As I was about to scrape the offending , so very, very crass SPRINKLES off I dug in with a spoon. The resistance left me feeling very unhappy. A snob when it comes to creme brûlée and creme caramel this was not at all what I considered French and definitely not of any resemblance to the ball park in which I hold my judgments. Nana Paula made the perfect creme caramel. Putting the spoon in my mouth my eyes bulged….surprised….I was in bliss,even with the damn stupid sprinkles. Creamy,eggy, smooth, caramel….bliss. This was good. Not Nana Paula’s but still damn bloody good.

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