We are back in France

Back in France after a quick visit to Switzerland…..France…..Germany……France. ….The beer and camping significantly cheaper in France than Switzerland and then as we ran out of supplies we strolled across bridge into Germany as the sun set for wine this time, and a few un tried wurst and just because 3 countries in an hour or so seamed fine, and why not?
From Huningue where I am writing this we snaked into Basel, roads, rivers and canals like my fading, unclear Celtic tattoo, also industrial and chaotic….but no passport required we arrived in Switzerland. Crossing the Rhine the contrast was immediate, we are not in France…..architecture….oh shit….the driving….the French very courteous to the velo….and the prices! It was also very beautiful and actually spotted a swimmer in the river. At a third of the price we have back tracked and are camping back across the river in France, shopping in Weil Am Rhin, Germany, and will avoid the same route tomorrow to see if the euro velo 6 ( joined in Besancon and can follow all the way to Black Sea.) through Germany and then very soon afterward into Switzerland maybe more appealing than the chaos of earlier. And it is better than a British summer…..after snow, hail, rain….sideways rain , cold and wind, we have had 3 beautiful days, warm nights and our only aches…..sunburn……feeling stronger and more alive and free and content….need more wifi to blog… Previous days remain as pen to paper until time legs and bum and soul really need to rest or Macdonalds appealing and available.

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