Creeps and slappers

The damn wind was fierce, dangerous and exhausting. A man on a tractor, he stopped, gestured, we had thought he was seeing, understanding, our discomfort. He called us to the one place that gave refuge from the wind, a Turkish war memorial in the middle of villages.
“No problem, camp here !”
We have read, been told,…..” do not knock back an experience”….We have read, been told, experienced first hand…..that people are essentially good.
Relieved to be removed from choice, take the experience, meet a new person, finish our ride several hours early, no more torment.
We settled down, he seemed friendly, kind….then the atmosphere changed….asked if we were married…no….suddenly he groped Li’s breasts. I told him that was a “problem” one of the few words we had in common. Oh….do hope he didn’t think I meant it was “no problem!”.
He was going to go, come back with drinks at 7pm. Tried to kiss me on the mouth. “No! that is a problem!” As he left we were confused as to whether money he pulled out was to ask for money, give us money….either way we refused.
He left. Unsettled we wanted to leave. He would be several hours. We would rest, eat, leave with plenty of time before he returned.
He came back 2 hours early. With drinks. Unsealed drinks. Fortunately he did not understand when I told Li not to drink. Maybe there was nothing wrong with his alcohol, but he would not drink it. Ramazan. But he ate and drank cola…and sex was on his agenda. We do not understand all the rules and individual interpretations of Ramazan (Ramadan) but this made absolutely no sense to us and fuelled more distrust.
Our fear, the drinks were spiked. Li feigned allergy and drank the sealed cola. I secreted my wine….mixed with cola…and then raki,onto the ground during false pretences to obtain things from my bike or distractions from Li. In appearance I was the only one that drank alcohol. He kept up his persistence, “drink….drink!”
“Why you not camp? ”
“The wind is less and we need to move on”…..well this is what we signed and gestured to the best of our ability… was still blowing a gale.
In a last attempt to persuade us he pulled out his wallet and it was made very clear that he wished to pay for sex.
Traveling, illiterate, unable to speak or understand and still gain an idea of culture, customs, new experience, friendship…..I become a child again. My intuition is shot, my, our, sixth sense is not what it should be.
The following day, entering a village I am slapped, I assume by a woman with a learning disability. She had been trying to communicate with me. My intuition, understanding is non existent.
I welcome comments of other people’s experience, particularly other women travellers experience, wisdom, ways to accept invitations, not think the worst, stay safe, remain humble and giving in return.

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