The call to prayer

I have goose bumps….I am at home….I am far from home ….I am an alien…..I am comfortable…….mostly, I am simply, moved.
My first experience of the call to prayer was in Indonesia. Then Malaysia…Whitechapel, London. In London this could be a highlight of my working day. I am not religious, and growing up in a predominantly Christian community, the call to prayer was beyond my experience, understanding. In ignorance, it is still beyond my understanding. However the call to prayer moves me, physically, emotionally…..I feel safe….feel love…..feel sensual and feel spiritual…..I feel at home in a way that I can not explain. I am happy to be woken late at night, early morning…..during the day I am compelled to listen….., no religion, no politics, no deep thoughts, today I am content to be moved. Sing to me Istanbul.


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