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August 2013


Ihlara Valley Turkey

Camping in the grounds of a petrol station, close to Ihlara Valley in Turkey we wake at 5.30am planning to ride in during the coolness of the morning. The earlier perhaps the more atmospheric the light for what we assume will be spectacular. The valley was recommended as the slightly …

Dogs and pepper spray?

I can’t get the lid off the pepper spray. Li says its ok! Ok for me to exit the tent! Midnight we are woken by the sound of a motorbike…..headlight… stops directly by the door. I am terrified…..why would anyone approach a lone tent in the middle of the night? …


Turkey has almost broken me.

Turkey has almost broken me. Day 2 out of Istanbul. Around 40 degrees and the mountains become steep. Close to tears….not due to the beauty this time….self loathing and doubt. Li rides ahead and I push. I can’t push, 5 steps….rest….there is no rest…there is no shade….it’s too hot. A …