Worms while traveling

I think I pooed ….yep….I crapped…. on a poor unsuspecting earth worm. Not sure who had the bigger fright….me or the worm. I seriously should consider not sharing this information….but i guess it’s important information to share with fellow cycle tourists. We aren’t able to wash our hands enough, our food enough, or we are eating undercooked meat…..some species of worm even enter you through your feet.
I am a hypochondriac, but also worked in Health and Safety….and am risk adverse. Prior to leaving we had every available vaccine. Rabies shots,….thanks Nick and Anne-Marie for the imaginative Christmas present….. hep A&B, tick born and Japanese encephalitis…..tetanus and typhoid….cholera vaccinations…..I forgot about worms!
After the poor earth worm incident and much time in the saddle….much time to think….I remembered my parents annual worming….oh yeah….and fluoride….I decided to google the risks. We have been fortunate to only have a few mild stomach upsets in the past 5 months. But stomach upsets are some of the symptoms, and our current life style increases the likelihood. I would much prefer not to be pooing worms and will take the tablets just in case.


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