Fairy tales and magical beasts

Floating above our tent. We are woken by the gentle roar of magical beasts. Around 100 hot air balloons, blasts of the burners as they float directly overhead. This is our second morning, a repeat of the experience does not diminish my excitement, the magic as they rise with the sun. Jumping out of bed I almost forget my pants……had planned on sleeping in but this is a sight not to be missed. We are at a camping ground in Goleme, centre of Cappadocia in Turkey.
To me it is like a Byzantine New York…Or maybe the result if Gaudi had been the architect of all of Manhattan, surrounded by many Sagrada Familia. Surrounded by rock formations, like chimney stacks, some, monstrous teeth, multiple stories, once homes, churches, market stalls, stables,…. all cave dwellings, underground cities and even castles. And from this centre they stretch out in all directions, would have been populated by thousands. It is a fairy tale and I am sure there are r real fairies. This is living the dream the super real where I am glad to have woken up.


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