Interpreters and the Jandarma

There is a machine gun between my knees……a bracket supporting it in front if me from where I sit in the back seat, traveling with the Jandarma to view some videos. I am thinking of the mountain we have climbed, the highest altitude to date and that we will have to climb all over again. I am thinking of how to document the most recent events. It is impossible for the negative stories to outshine the positive. I am somewhat uneasy about the future travels, but put at ease and in perfect company. A really crap day that was full of beautiful scenery, steep but comfortable climbs, bathing in idyllic streams and finally serious looking men with serious weapons that were caring, gentle and resulted in a prelude to more caring and hospitality, the Turkish way.
Yesterday, the usual, waking at 5.30am, mid morning we chose to stop for cay at a petrol station. The usual, curiosity, attempts at communicatio

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