A long way to go

Smelly, sweaty, dusty, dust sticking to sweat….clothes full of holes, baggy and now ill-fitting…..hair resembling road kill…..we should know as have seen a lot! …..tired…..cycling practically all day….who has desire….energy for sex? And they still ask! Are these men stupid…..they are certainly desperate.
After some unwanted advances, experiences, we have tried to curb our behaviour, have asked many locals for advice. We are not so smiley, do not offer our hand unless offered first. (A friend commented we are too polite, maybe, but i try to give the benefit of the doubt.) We overt our eyes….avoid eye contact. Place our bodies facing away, from him, them. We cover up more than we did previously when getting off the bike.
I say I am married, no…..no children. Have even said my husband is meeting us further down the track……I do not say, I sincerely hope you are not some poor woman’s husband.
At least the last man was polite enough to “ask” Li for a kiss and left her to depart unhindered when she said no. One man who stopped his car, offering us a lift, turned up hours later, another place on the road, wanting a photo, with a kiss. So insistent, unrelenting, I kissed him on the cheek so he would finally piss off…..photo evidence, no doubt, that he is such a “man”.
As already noted we meet many respectful men, hospitable men, helpful and honest men. Unfortunately too many that need a mighty kick….such behaviour breeds fear, absolutely no respect, shame on their country and their sex the world over. We pedal along , knowing the country is irrelevant…..safety…..joking…safety….black humour…..that we still have sex appeal…..and a long way to go.

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