We are in Thailand

So we are in Thailand. On a cycling adventure there are no rules….we have almost come to accept there are no rules…setting off from London it was so very easy to say there are no rules. We would ride while we are happy……and when we don’t ride? Our rules are in our head, our achievements, our dreams.
So we are in Thailand after a giant flying leap from sub zero Almaty, extended hop into Hong Kong, and then landing on the runway in Chiang Mai in very warm northern Thailand.
It was strange not using our legs to traverse such a large distance and with us not being in the saddle for 24 days. In that time we continued to eat like touring cyclists, put on weight, nursed our bruised ego, missed our bicycles, enjoyed not being on the bicycles, applied for visas, I went into China overnight…..by myself, and Li researched our future options…..and of course….we ate some more and drank like everyone should over Christmas holidays…..Or one should on extended bike tours. Oh….and we disassembled our bikes, put them in bike boxes, assembled them….did not ride them….disposed of the boxes….went in search of new boxes…..disassembled and boxed the bikes…..and assembled them again.
So what are our rules? Our goals, our dreams….our next destination, transportation? ….we have a very loose plan….we will attempt to travel in the saddle, we are riding to Sydney, SE Australia. From Chiang Mai we rode North.
We acclimatised in Chiang Mai for 4 nights…..the rise in temperature far easier than expected. I guess high 40’s in Turkey was not that long ago when constantly on the move and my body craved this climate above the minus 16 of Kazakhstan. Hong Kong tempered our bodies us at 14-25 degrees and thus 18-35 in Thailand is perfect.
Acclimatising to the Western tourists was somewhat more difficult……They are everywhere. We have not been around Western people in large numbers in many months and unaccustomed to the tourist trail. The excitement, vibe, buzz and party atmosphere is not overly unwelcome in small doses…..but the sleaze, searching for sex, hunters and hunted?…..but no rules and if I chose….western food which on previous travels would leave me personally appalled…..but coming up to 10 months on the road. (Taz, thanks for the vegimite!)
Finally in the saddle the initial 20km were a diddle. Both of us having fattened up over Christmas (thank you Helen and Lawrence in HK), this was promising. Then the climbs began. How much condition have we actually lost? But the landscape…… Tropical, vines, thick jungle, mosaic of hill upon hill, small unvisited villages and hopeful road stalls, this riding was a pleasure. The tourists whizzed by, day trips that would take us 3 days. They do not stop….we stop….frequently.
3 days to Chiangrai, new friends, fellow cycle tourists, with no rules, reminding us there are no rules ….but to live day to day…..Happy! Now we go south…..south west, Myanmar……North…..Northern Myanmar….at some stage…..Sydney…..Australia.

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